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Credit Cards

Get purchasing power, perks, and convenience with a Foothill Platinum or Platinum Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card! Whether you want a low rate and rewards or a lower rate and no rewards, Foothill has a credit card product to meet your wants and needs.

Credit Builder Mastercard®

Build or Repair your credit with a card that helps you enjoy life.

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Debit Card


Have less than perfect credit? Repair it with a Foothill Credit Builder Credit Card. It’s perfect for repairing or for building your credit. What’s more, you determine your credit limit by the amount of shares you pledge as collateral.

Build or improve your credit score with a Credit Builder MasterCard secured credit card from Foothill Credit Union, and watch your interest rates go down and your quality of life go up as those credit reports improve.

Once you receive your card, use it for dining, shopping, gas, and more. Wherever you go, your Foothill Credit Card ensures acceptance, convenience and a great rate! Check out these great benefits:



No Annual Fee


Emergency Cash Advancements


25 Day Grace Period


No Over-the-Limit Fee


No Cash Advance Fee


No-Balance Transfer Fee


***Click here to read the full benefits and description***


Credit Builder Credit Card Rates

Rate as of:

Variable 17.90% $0

Individuals who are trying to build their credit score or repair their credit score.

*A rate is based on a variety of factors, including the applicants credit rating.


Why Use a Credit Builder Mastercard


If identity theft occurs through your credit card, the money can be restored and our team will investigate the situation on your behalf.

Grace Period

When you buy something using your platinum Mastercard you have 25 days until you need to actually pay for it. Allowing for you to budget paying off life events or big purchases.

Large Purchases

Paying for things like home projects and appliances over a period of time instead of all at once can help build your credit score.

Universal Acceptance

Whether you are traveling within the US or internationally, your card is accepted as a Mastercard and you will have access to ATMs around the world.

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“Wonderful services and very helpful staff. Credit card rates at about half of the national average. Savings accounts that pay twice the interest. And Checking accounts that pay you interest.”

-- Dan E.

More Great Cards

Rewards Mastercard

Platinum Rewards Master Card

Get rewarded for your outstanding credit and history of managing money wisely.

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Platinum Mastercard

Debit Card

Get help building or repairing your credit with a card that’s accepted around the world.

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Special Offers

Special Offer for our School and Hospital Staff Members: Consolidating high-interest credit card debt with one of our cards gives you a 3.99% intro APR on balance transfers and you pay no transfer fees. Using this strategy can help save you big time.

Lost or Stolen Card Information

Please report lost or stolen cards immediately. For Debit or Credit Cards, call (888) 241-2510. You can also report your lost/stolen Debit or Credit Card via your Online Banking Account under the "Services" tab.

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